Auditions for Creamed Corn Queen

The show title on a background of a corn field
Auditions for Creamed Corn Queen
18 Dec 06:30 PM event_repeat

Auditions for Creamed Corn Queen

place Andria Theatre 618 Broadway St Alexandria, MN 56308-1810 expand_more
Presented by arrow_forward_ios Andria Theatre

Anyone auditioning for Creamed Corn Queen will do cold reads from the script. Be prepared to give any conflict dates for rehearsals. Performances at other locations after the shows premier at Andria Theatre will be discussed along with dates of those additional performances and where they will take place.

Please come with the attitude of having fun with this new venture! Who knows? Maybe a few “curve balls” will be thrown out for those auditioning. You never know!!

Creamed Corn Queen Characters Sketch
Henbane – age 65 on up; sister to Valerian; very proper and set in her ways, rather a bit
prudish; not easily swayed by the opinions of others; very protective of Valerian

Valerian – age 55 on up; younger sister to Henbane; naïve, easily led, a bit whimsical;
sometimes resists Henbane a bit but very devoted to her nonetheless

Poppy – age 55 on up; claims to be sister to Henbane and Valerian; very savvy, a scammer and
manipulator; knows how to play up to people but shows true colors when pushed
Two residents – 60 on up; appear in two scenes; will be given ad lib lines

Luis – age is open; part Hispanic; activities director at Tailwaters Assisted Living; very calm,
easy going; yet always aware of what is truly going on around him

Smithwick – age 65 on up; administrator at Tailwaters; tense and uptight, pretty much a
bureaucrat; handles paperwork better than most people; begins to fray when serious problems

Sisters Henbane and Valerian are loving their living at Tailwaters Assisted Living until Poppy
arrives on the scene claiming to be a sister of Henbane and Valerian. Who is lying? Who
knows the truth? Who can be trusted? All is revealed in the end.

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