Captioning Options for Theatres Workshop

Captioning Options for Theatres Workshop
01 Jun 10:00 AM
Until 12:00 PM 2h

Captioning Options for Theatres Workshop

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How is YOUR theatre serving members who can’t hear all the words? Captioning can be an option. Learn what local theatres and cultural groups are doing to provide Open (Scripted) Captioning to serve attendees who are Deaf or hard of hearing as well as the rest of us. Who’s doing it now, and what methods may work and be affordable for your organization?

Hear from:

  • Independent captioners who use free software to provide captioned performances at History Theatre, Park Square and Theater Latte Da.
  • A Remote captioner who uses an app on patrons’ smartphones to caption Sue Scott’s shows at Crooners Supper Club.
  • Mixed Blood Theatre, who projects scripted captioning at EVERY performance;
  • Full Circle Theatre, which developed its own captioning system.
  • And other presenters. We will mention, but won’t get into the more expensive captioning coordinated by c2 inc. at the Guthrie, Ordway and Hennepin Theatre Trust. Or the supertitles used by Minnesota Opera for English translations of its operas.

If you wish to offer captions at spontaneous events, conferences, Q&A discussions, etc., you’ll need to contact local CART Providers (i.e. court reporters) who use special software.

Panelists will talk about their Captioning efforts and options over the past few years, including:

  • what captioning software/hardware they use,
  • if they bought it, created it, got it free…,
  • the timeline for getting a script, putting it into the proper format, seeing the show to perfect timing and script changes, etc.,
  • what skills and equipment the captioner needs,
  • what support/assistance/pay is provided by the theatre or venue,
  • how many shows per production are typically captioned,
  • how venues/organizations market the availability of captioning,
  • how audiences have come to accept or expect it,
  • how community theatres and other organizations can introduce it to their audiences — both specifically for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing and those who just miss a few words now and then.

This session is Saturday, June 1, from 10:00 until between noon and 1:00 at Artistry (Bloomington Center for the Arts), 800 W Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington 55431. Cost is $25 (MACT member $20)


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