The Stache

The Stache in blue letters above a mustache on a white background
The Stache
03 Nov 07:00 PM event_repeat

The Stache

place Marshall-Lyon County Library 201 C St, Marshall, MN 56258, USA expand_more
Presented by arrow_forward_ios Marshall Area Stage Company

book by Ryan Neely
music by Art Gibson

A Live Radio Drama

Silliness is afoot and action abounds in this noir-style, pseudo-suspense radio thriller about a superpowered stache and the hair-raising responsibilities that come with it.

Barba-Lather Shaving Soap heir and clueless playboy millionaire Chester Montgomery wants nothing more than to invent a new and exciting shaving lather that would make his late Aunt Matilda proud. But the brains behind the operation, his partner Professor Price, harbors dark secrets. And unbeknownst to Chester or Price’s daughter, Adele, the professor has been coerced into working on a top-secret mind-control formula by crime boss and vote-rigging villain Vera Grimm! Fortunately, Adele discovers the superpowers of that magnificently mysterious stache invented by Professor Price just in the nick of time! Assisted by a retired, local superhero, The Eagle (who can’t find the pants to his costume so thank goodness it’s only radio!), and armed with nothing more than the might of the mighty mustache, Chester and Adele set out to free Professor Price and restore peace and prosperity to the city.


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