MACT’s 50 Years

MACT 50th Anniversary logo

MACT (the Minnesota Association of Community Theatres) has been around for 50 years! In those 50 years we have produced 26 MACT*Fests, 9 Fast*Fests, several regional and national AACT events and countless workshops.  Our new website has over 800 events listed.  Our weekly e-newsletter has been going out for almost 2 years.

We are, and will continue to be, very active in our support of Minnesota’s community theatres.  Watch our website and this newsletter for more information about all the events and activities we are working on.

MACT is a statewide, volunteer run organization which holds meetings, workshops, festivals and other events throughout the state of Minnesota. Its mission is:

  • to promote standards of excellence in theatrical endeavors in Minnesota communities;
  • to encourage, channel and facilitate the exchange of ideas among theatres to better foster their growth and improvement; and
  • to encourage the theatre arts through educational devices such as workshops, festivals, contests, conferences and other means.