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  • Window Coverings

    Window Coverings

    I have recently been left with a number of brand new indoor window coverings that are 31.25in wide and 60.75in tall. They are still in the box, and I haven’t opened it yet to even know if they’re slatted or fabric blinds. Is there a need for anything like this as a prop or stage set at any of the community theaters? I’d be happy to open the boxes and see exactly what they are if there is interest.

    I’ve been having trouble finding a charity like Habitat for Humanity that will take any kind of window covering, used or new. I’d like for these to not go to waste, and thought they might work as a prop or stage set.

    Price: FREE

    Thank you,

    CONTACT: joshua <dot> eisen1 <at> gmail <dot> com

  • Elektralite MY150

    Elektralite MY150

    I have two Elektralite MY 150 moving head light fixtures for sale. One of the gobo rotators does not work on one of the two fixtures. I have not looked into why it does not work. They are located in New Prague. The manual is available on-line here. Lamp : HTI 150 GY9.5 socket, Metal Halide

    I am asking $100 for the pair. If they do not work (other than the one gobo rotator that I mentioned) I will refund your money (guarantee good for 30 days after purchase).

    Features include:

    • Pan 360° / Tilt 265°
    • 9 colors plus white & rainbow effect
    • 7 rotating gobos
    • Strobe : with a frequency of 0~10 flashes per second.
    • Automatic program
    • Display : digital address and function setting (also the display can be inverted if fixture is hung upside down).
    • High speed pan & tilt movements
    • Local or remote resetting
    • Lamp switch ON/OFF locally
    • Auto test for all functions
    • Value of each DMX-channel can be displayed
    • Saved Program : You can edit and save a program internally in the fixture by using either the display panel of the fixture or using an external controller (your Elektralite CP10xt or CP20xt). You can save a maximum of 48 scenes. You can then run this saved program by using the “run” feature from the menu on the display panel
  • Elektralite MB150

    Elektralite MB150

    I have two Elektralite MB 150 rotating barrel light fixtures. I have two of them. Both are working to the best of my knowledge. 30 day money back guarantee if not working. Located in New Prague

    Asking $25 each Manual is available on-line here Lamp : HSD150 G12 socket, Metal Halide

    Features include:

    • operation mode is by DMX 512 utilizing (8 channels) or stand alone or sound activation.
    • pan and tilt movement :
      • 8 bit resolution for smooth and precise motion
      • pan : 156° rotation / tilt : 90° rotation
      • speed of pan/tilt movement adjustable
    • strobe/shutter : high speed dual-blade shutter, 0-10Hz or random strobe
    • dimmer : mechanical adjustable from 0% to 100%
    • colors : 1 color wheel with 9 dichroic filters plus white, with rainbow effect
    • gobos : 1 rotating gobo wheels, The wheel consist of 7 adjustable rotating gobos plus open, The wheel has the ability to also shake the gobos.
    • auto-program: 8 preprograms can be selected
    • display: can be inverted (180)° when MB150 is hung upside down.
    • local or remote resetting of motors
    • auto test for all functions
    • value of each DMX-channel can be displayed
    • editable program:
      • edit and save a program to the on board processor using either the controls on the front panel or using an external controller like an Elektralite CP-20. A maximum 48 scenes/cues/looks can be saved on board. The resultant saved program can be played back from the “run” menu accessed from the front display panel

    Contact: LPint <at> bevcomm <dot. net

  • ColorRam II color scrollers

    ColorRam II color scrollers

    I have 8 ColorRam II color scrollers. They all worked when I used them last a couple years ago. The tape between the gels may be dried and loose from sitting in my garage. Have adapters for Par 64 and Source 4 fixtures (included) Located in New Prague.

    Asking $60 each or all 8 for $400.

    Contact: Larry at LPint <at> bevcomm <dot> net

  • Chauvet LED Shadow

    Chauvet LED Shadow

    I have two Chauvet LED Shadow LED blacklight (UV) fixtures for sale. Asking $20 each. Located in New Prague.

    Contact Larry at LPint <at> bevcomm <dot> net