Elektralite MB150

I have two Elektralite MB 150 rotating barrel light fixtures. I have two of them. Both are working to the best of my knowledge. 30 day money back guarantee if not working. Located in New Prague

Asking $25 each Manual is available on-line here Lamp : HSD150 G12 socket, Metal Halide

Features include:

  • operation mode is by DMX 512 utilizing (8 channels) or stand alone or sound activation.
  • pan and tilt movement :
    • 8 bit resolution for smooth and precise motion
    • pan : 156° rotation / tilt : 90° rotation
    • speed of pan/tilt movement adjustable
  • strobe/shutter : high speed dual-blade shutter, 0-10Hz or random strobe
  • dimmer : mechanical adjustable from 0% to 100%
  • colors : 1 color wheel with 9 dichroic filters plus white, with rainbow effect
  • gobos : 1 rotating gobo wheels, The wheel consist of 7 adjustable rotating gobos plus open, The wheel has the ability to also shake the gobos.
  • auto-program: 8 preprograms can be selected
  • display: can be inverted (180)° when MB150 is hung upside down.
  • local or remote resetting of motors
  • auto test for all functions
  • value of each DMX-channel can be displayed
  • editable program:
    • edit and save a program to the on board processor using either the controls on the front panel or using an external controller like an Elektralite CP-20. A maximum 48 scenes/cues/looks can be saved on board. The resultant saved program can be played back from the “run” menu accessed from the front display panel

Contact: LPint <at> bevcomm <dot. net