Whats going on at MACT

MACT is very busy. Our full Board meets in even numbered months. Our exec Committee meets in odd numbered months. These two leadership groups always have several things going on, decisions to be made and updates on our projects.

Our current major project is doing a series of workshops and audio describer training session around the metro area. MACT received a grant from MRAC to provide three days of workshops and two audio describer training sessions.

The audio describer training will likely consist of 12 or more hours of training. One class will likely be three consecutive week nights. The other class will likely be on the following weekend, maybe on a Friday night and Saturday all day. The actual schedule and dates have not been determined yet. We are still checking on the available dates for the trainer and potential locations. They will likely be sometime in the March, April or May time-frame.

The workshops will be held on three Saturdays in three locations around the metro area. There will be a 2 to 2.5 hour session in the morning with a choice between two workshops, an open discussion period over lunch, and a choice between two more concurrent workshops in the afternoon.

If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see us present at these workshops, contact us at AdmAsstMACT@gmail.com or WebmasterMACT@gmail.com. If you have a workshop you would be interested in presenting, by all means contact us.

Watch for more information on these exciting training and workshop opportunities in upcoming editions of our newsletter and on our website.

Planning is underway for Fast*Fest, which will be held August 16 (Friday welcome social) and August 17 (workshops, performances and another social) at the Encore Performing Arts Center in Cloquet. It will be hosted by County Seat Theatre. We are finalizing the committee for this event. If interested in helping, contact Darren Beecher at ddbeach@earthlink.net.

It’s not too early to start planning your show for this festival. Show registration is free for MACT member theatres and only $25 for non-member groups. Shows are limited to 20-minutes (max) with no lighting specials and only one set piece. (We provide a table and 4 chairs for use by each theatre.) This festival is great for original pieces, especially for trying out new works still in development. You will get useful feedback from a very receptive audience.

We are in the process of finding a host facility for MACT*Fest 2025, usually in March. This adjudicated festival of 60-minute (max) shows is part of the AACTFest cycle. Two show from this festival will advance to the Region V AACTFest in April of 2025. We are seeking a host facility that can seat at least 250 audience members, has room for at least three 10′ by 10′ areas backstage for the sets, has room for our silent auction and, preferably, 2 or 3 concurrent workshops on Saturday morning. The community should have hotels available to house the show personnel and attendees as well as location for evening socials (with beverage services available) and a place for our Sunday morning awards brunch. If interested or for more information or with any location suggestions, contact us at AdmAsstMACT@gmail.com or WebmasterMACT@gmail.com.

Your theatre should start planning now to participate in this festival. In addition to the 60-minute performance limit, you will have 10 minutes to setup and 10 minutes to strike. Your set (other than while performing) must fit in a 10″ by 10″ square. You will have one 80-minute rehearsal on stage. Additional rules are available in the AACTFest handbook, which will be available on our website soon.