Arts & Business

How do arts and businesses make great partners?

A healthy business environment and a vibrant arts scene go hand in hand in cultivating strong communities across the country. Arts programs provide businesses and arts leaders with the services, tools, and resources necessary to develop and advance meaningful partnerships so that together, they can achieve mutual goals. The aim is to uplift, promote, and see the arts and creative sectors embraced as a critical social, economic, and development partner, while simultaneously inviting businesses to recognize the arts as solutions to their employee, company, and community objectives.

  • Employees
    • 89% of executives agree that creativity is a top skill for today’s workforce.
    • Whether its sparking innovation among employees, showing gratitude for their hard work, or strengthening their skills, arts and business can work together to inspire and engage employees, and help recruit and retain talent. Learn more how the arts can enhance and reveal the breadth of talent within companies.
  • Company
    • 69% of companies that received national recognition for being a “best place to work” reported the company fosters creativity.
    • Arts and business can work together to create a competitive edge for each other. Leveraging the arts can expand market share and convey a company‚Äôs unique values. The arts can also help create livelier and healthier workspaces, while artists and arts organizations gain meaningful work.
  • Community
    • 76% of artists and creative workers say their creative or artistic practice has been used to raise morale, create community cohesion, or generally lighten the experience of members of their community during the COVID-19 crisis.
    • Businesses need thriving communities where people want to live and work, and the arts rely strong business environments as an equal and integral contributor to local economic activity.
  • Diversity & Empathy
    • 73% of the population agree that arts “help them understand other cultures better”.
    • The arts create social and community cohesion, and open opportunities for people to learn about their differences and tackle challenging issues. Learn how partnering with the arts allows your employees, company and community to gain better understanding of diverse cultures and ideas and helps build an inclusive workforce.