NEA Survey of Public Participation in the Arts

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The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) released a summary report of its latest Survey of Public Participation in the Arts in October 2023. It provides a deep (and troubling) look at arts participation by U.S. adults during the pandemic year of July 2021 to July 2022. When compared to the previous study’s analysis of 2017, steep declines in attendance and participation were observed.

Percent of U.S. adults attending selected arts events: 2017 vs. 2022

 2017 2022
Attended Musicals16.5%10.3%
Attended non-musical plays9.4%4.5%
Attended dance performances (non-ballet)6.3%3.3%
Went to the movies 58.6% 43.1%
Visited art museums or galleries 23.7% 17.7%
Attended craft fairs or visual arts festivals 23.8% 17.1%
Attended jazz music performance 8.6% 6.3%

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