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MACT Logo. Upper portion is comedy/drama masks with comedy mask in yellow and drama mask in blue. Lower portion has the acronym "MACT" and below it the description MN Association of Community Theatres.

Check out the listings in MACT*Mart.

You’ll find new job postings here under “Help Wanted” Help wanted posting will be listed for 1 month unless otherwise requested.

You can find Items for sale, rent or to give away here Items for sale or to give away will be listed for 2 months or until the owner requests that they be taken down (i.e. it gets sold – please notify us when an item is no longer available)

Longer articles that may be of interest are posted here Articles are listed forever or until the author requests that they be removed.

Looking for a specific item, try here In Search of items will be listed for 1 month or as long as requested by the submitter.

Want to find someone for a specific task, like directing, choreography, set building, etc? The Job wanted listings are good for as long as the submitter is a current MACT member. This is great for listing your resume so theatres can find you when seeking people to work in their theatre.

Have something you want listed in any of these categories, send the information to Listings are FREE for MACT theatre and individual members. No commercial listing, please. Items will be listed for the periods shown on the associated page on our website. Photos of the items for sale, for rent, to give away or in search of can be included and encouraged.