What is Fast*Fest?

Fast*Fest logo

Fast*Fest is MACT’s biennial short play festival. It is a festival of 20-minute (maximum) plays held on a Saturday in August of even numbered years. Fast*Fest 2024 will be held August 16th (welcome social) and August 17th (workshops, performances and another social) at the Encore Performing Arts Center in Cloquet. It will be hosted by County Seat Theater Company.

The performances are not adjudicated. Instead there is be a moderator led discussion after each performance. This is a great opportunity for playwrights and theatre companies to try out new material. Many of the plays are original works by local playwrights. The audiences are very receptive and provide valuable feedback to both the playwrights and the performing troop.

More information will be coming in future newsletters, but it’s not too early to start planning your entry into the festival. The deadline for presenting shows is June 15th.

Join us in Cloquet for a weekend filled with fun, fellowship and great theatre.