AACTFest 2025

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Our National Festival – AACTFest – is just around the corner, planned for Des Moines, Iowa, June 22-29, 2025 at the Hoyt Sherman Place Theatre.  If you are not familiar with AACTFest, it is a biennial national theatre festival, sponsored by AACT and encourages community theatres from across the country to enter productions for adjudication at the State, Regional, and National levels. Link for information:  https://aact.org/festival-cycle 

“How to be participate AACTFEST”  Roundtable

Please join us on April 18th – for an informative roundtable:  “How to participate in AACTFest25!”  AACT will have a fabulous panel that will cover “What is AACTFest?”  “How do we participate”, “How to be successful to move forward” and many other topics.   Bring your questions and let AACT guide you to the next cycle.   

Link:   https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_J24A_IZKQqmB1fcqM9kWSg#/registration

Why get involved? There are many reasons but some of the most beneficial reasons would be:  Networking, Education and Growth for your volunteers. It’s a fabulous opportunity for theatres across the country to work together, as well as  share common goals and concerns.  It is also helpful to note that this is when many states take the opportunity to have beneficial meetings and workshops.

The community theatre groups who advance from the state and regional festivals will then get the chance to perform in front of a national audience at AACTFEST!  The groups will also be adjudicated by a panel of notable and nationally known theatre experts. It is an experience like no other! (AACT endowment fund supplements some of your travel cost to the National Festival)  

Here is the link to the 2023 AACT Handbook which will explain festival rules and process. https://aact.org/2025-festival-handbook

The festival cycle starts with the State festival, which is normally in February or March of odd numbered years. MACT*Fest 2025 is still in the planning stages. We have not selected a location or dates yet. More information will be available on MACT’s website: https://mn-act.net/index.php/about-us/mact-events/mactfest-2025/ https://mn-act.net/index.php/about-us/mact-events/mactfest-2025/