Fast*Fest ’24 Registration open

Fast*Fest 2024 logo

Registrations for theatres wishing to present a show at Fast*Fest ’24 are now open. MACT’s festival of 20-minute shows will be held in Cloquet at the Encore Performing Arts Center on August 17. Our host will be County Seat Theater Company. Registration is free for MACT member theatres, other groups will be charged $25 to submit a show.

MACT will provide a table and 4 chairs. Performing groups may bring one other set piece. Each show has 5 minutes to setup, 20 minutes to perform and 5 minutes to strike. There will be a moderator led discussion following each performance. There will be no rehearsals on the stage prior to each performance. Only the standard lighting plot is available (6 areas of warm and cool light), no specials. Sound playback capabilities are available.

More information, including rules and forms, are available on MACT’s website: