Why participate in Fast*Fest?

Fast*Fest 2024 logo

Fast*Fest is MACT’s biennial festival of 20-minute plays. Unlike MACT*Fest, this is not an adjudicated festival. No shows move on to a regional or national festival. There are not even any awards presented. That contributes to Fast*Fest’s friendly, relaxed festival environment.

That makes this festival an excellent opportunity for playwrights to try out new material. It’s also a great place for theatre groups to try out different types of material than they normally produce. Shows are performed to very receptive audience of theatre enthusiasts. After each performance there will be a short, moderator led discussion where the presenting theatres and playwrights can get supportive feedback on the material presented.

Fast*Fest ’24 will be held Saturday, August 17 at the Encore Performing Arts Center in Cloquet. The deadline for registering your show in Fast*Fest is June 15.

You can find more information, including the full set of rules and registration forms, on MACT’s website: https://mn-act.net/index.php/about-us/mact-events/fastfest-2024/