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Some other links that may be of interest to theatres:
Magazines & Publications
Web Sites
Orchestra Tracks
Sound Effects
Free Stuff

Magazines and Publications:
    Front of House Magazine
    AACT Spotlight Magazine
    Live Design Magazine
    Projection Lighting and Staging News
    Stage Directions Magazine

Web Sites:
    Blue Room Technical Forum
    Control Booth
    Drama Activities for Kids
    Drama and Theater Resource Guide
    High School Tech
    Theatre Crafts
    Minnesota Technical Theatre (on a budget)
    AACT’s Community Theatre Resource Group
    Twin Cities Theatre Community
    A Brief HIstory of Theater
    Ballroom Dancers
    Theater Nerds

Orchestra Tracks:
    London Arrangements
    MT Pit
    Pump Room
    Right On Cue Services (ROCS)
    Sing Broadway Now
    Songs of the Stage
    Stage Stars
    Theatre Music Shop
    Theatre Trip

Sound Effects:

Free Stuff:
    Twin Cities Craigs List

Last Updated: 3/23/2024